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Prepare your home for stormsThe NSW SES is the lead response agency for storms in NSW with the responsibility to ensure that communities across NSW are aware of, informed about and prepared for storm events. This can help reduce the impacts of storms on homes and families.

Assisting families and households to be prepared for storms can reduce the loss, damages and costs associated with them. When households and families respond better to storms by being prepared, their recovery can be quicker and their resilience to future storms will be greater.

All areas of NSW can experience major storms and there have been avoidable deaths during storms. The protection of life is the highest priority for the NSW SES during a storm.

It is important to be prepared now so that you will know what to do when there is a storm.

Making an emergency plan and putting together an emergency kit can help your home and family prepare for, respond to and recover from storms.

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Keep your yard tidy and clear of clutter. Remember, some items can become dangerous missiles in high winds that come with some storms.

Keep your yard tidy