StormSafe Apps

As part of the 2014 StormSafe campaign, the NSW SES and NRMA Insurance have released an updated version of the StormSafe Smartphone Application.

The NEW version features a new layout and look and feel. this is to better align with current Apps on the market.

The App now also features an interactive 8 Tips Checklist. This is to aid you when you are preparing for the upcoming storm season. you will be able to get detailed information on how exactly you can prepare your home for severe weather.

Another addition is the inclusion of a News and Alerts feature. This allows the NSW SES to send out real time information and updates to users.

The App has been developed to assist communities across New South Wales with vital information to prepare for severe weather.

The StormSafe App for Android Phones is available here

The StormSafe App for iOS is available here

Here is a sample of the NEW StormSafe Smartphone App