Non English Speaking

NSW SES 132 500 magnetNSW is made up of many diverse people and cultures. 

The NSW SES aims to provide information on floods, storms and tsunami in key community languages. 

These pages contain valuable StormSafe information in different languages. The development of these resources is an ongoing project across different emergency services. More resources will be added over time. 


العربية / Arabic

Arabic translated StormSafe Guide

中國 / Chinese

Chinese translated StormSafe Guide

Ελληνικά / Greek


Italiano / Italian


한국의 / Korean


Việt / Vietnamese

Vietnamese translated StormSafe Guide

Translated 8 Tips StormSafe Postcards



The Victoria SES has developed fact sheets and audio resources on StormSafe information across a wide range of different languages. Visit their Information in other languages web page for these resources.

Visual Messages

Below are some cartoons developed by AEMI (Australian Emergency Management Institution) to help people understand safety messages in relation to severe storms and storms. For more information visit the AEMI Culturally and linguistucally diverse communities page.