Sydney Northern Region
Sydney Northern Region

Sydney Northern Region includes the northern beaches, the northern suburbs of Sydney and the parts of the Central Coast. It is bounded by Sydney harbour in the south and includes Mannering Park and Gwandalan in the north. It includes Gladesville, Galston and Mangrove Creek dam in the West and is bounded by the east coast.

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Central Coast Triathlon
Sunday 23/04/2017 7:00 am
Summerland Point

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The Northern Sydney Hail/Wind/Rain Storm of January 21, 1991
This storm, a supercell thunderstorm, struck between 3:00pm and 5:00pm, crossing northern Sydney in a SW-NE direction. Wind gusts up to 230km/h were experienced, along with hailstones up to 7cm in diameter (tennis-ball sized) and very heavy rain.

Some areas received more than 35mm of rain in 6 minutes and more than 60mm in half an hour.

Areas of most severe damage stretched from the Warrawee-Turramurra area to Duffys Forest, with significant damage occurring to property in the Ku-ring-gai, Hornsby, Warringah, Baulkham Hills, Blacktown, Gosford and Fairfield council areas. Access to and within the affected area was greatly restricted because of fallen trees and downed power lines. About 164,000 subscribers lost power.

More than 7000 houses were damaged, 20 of them so badly that they had to be
demolished. About 200 public buildings (including schools) were also damaged.
Damage to Telecom lines and property amounted to over $1M and to Water Board
property about $1.2M.

The Hornsby and Ku-ring-gai State Emergency Service organisations received
approximately 12,000 requests for assistance. More than 60 SES units were employed in the response, some of them coming from country areas of the state. Major operational support was also given by the Police, NSW Fire Brigades, the Bush Fire Brigades, the Roads and Traffic Authority, the Water Board, local councils, Telecom, electricity authorities, Public Works, the Department of Family and Community Services and the Army.

A total of 126,000 person hours was worked in the first two weeks after the storm in response and clean-up work. Vast quantities of vegetative material were deposited at tips in the northern Sydney area, 60,000 truckloads being needed to remove it. The removal of rubbish and the repair of infrastructure took about four months to complete.

The insurance payout on the storm was $290M in 2006 dollar terms and the total
economic cost was about $871M.