Clarence Nambucca Region
Clarence Nambucca Region

The Clarence Nambucca Region encompasses the Clarence, Nambucca and Bellingen Valleys, as well as the Coffs Coast. It extends from the NSW East Coast inland to include Dorrigo and Grafton. It includes Yamba and Maclean in the north and extends south to Nambucca.

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Historically Significant Storms

The Coffs Harbour Storm and Flash Flood of November 23 1996
This very severe flash flood resulted from a narrow band of rain associated with storms which crossed the coast at 5pm. The storms were associated with an off-shore low pressure trough and were enhanced considerably by the steep ranges immediately to the west of Coffs Harbour. Up to 300mm of rain fell in two hours at the peak of the storm, representing an intensity which may have approached Probable Maximum Precipitation levels. The resulting flood on Coffs Creek, which was worsened on the lower reaches by a high tide, exceeded the height of the 1% Annual Exceedence Probability flood by nearly a metre and may have approximated the 0.5% AEP event. Extensive overland flow also occurred as a result of the surcharging of the piped drainage system and road reserve capability.

The flood subjected more than 800 properties to inundation by fast-rising waters. About 250 residences and 210 commercial or public premises experienced over-floor inundation. Hundreds of vehicles were damaged or destroyed along with numerous caravans in two caravan parks. Water up to 1.5 metres in depth swept through the CBD and most shops there were affected. Strong winds also caused roof damage, and mudslides damaged banana plantations and crossed the Pacific Highway.

Nearly 300 people had to evacuate and there was one fatality. The NSW SES fielded 3000 calls for help in a four-hour period. The total damage cost of the event has been estimated at $230M in 2006 dollar terms.