L'il Larrikins

The Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) in collaboration with all Australian States and Territories State Emergency Services, have also developed a national Natural Hazards Safety Program, utilising characters from the Lil’ Larrikins cartoons to deliver safety messages to children aged 5 to 12. Further teaching resources are being developed in line with national curriculum standards for the program.

• Teaching Activities Overview
• Media Release
• 5Es Methodology
• Natural Hazards Intro
• Word Wall Bank

Please note you will need to download Quicktime player to view videos. You can download it  here


1. Playing in Floodwater: Introductory video; Floods CrosswordFloods Information

                                     a. Keep Out! (years P/K- 3): Lesson Plan 

                    b. Safe and Unsafe (years 3-5) :Lesson Plan
                c. Selling Safety (years 5-7) :Lesson Plan

2. Emergency Plan: Introductory video

a. Ring Ring (years P/K-3) : Lesson Plan
b. What Makes an Emergency? (years 3-5) : Lesson Plan
c. Make a Plan (years 5-7) : Lesson Plan

3. Emergency Kit:  Introductory videoEmergency Kit (Script)

a. What’s in the Box? (years P/K-3) :Lesson Plan
b. Pick-a-box (years 3-5) :Lesson Plan
c. Our of the Box (years 5-7) : Lesson Plan

4. Acting Early:  Introductory video

a. Storm Warning (years P/K-3) :Lesson Plan
b. Be a Weather Reporter (years 3-5) : Lesson Plan
c. Weather Reports (years 5-7) : Lesson Plan

5. Cleaning Up: Introductory video

a. Cartoon Clean Up (years P/K-3) :Lesson Plan
b. Cleaning Up - Who’s Responsible? (years 3-5) :Lesson Plan
c. My Yard - Before and After (years 5-7) :Lesson Plan

6. Driving in Floodwater :  Introductory video

a. No Driving! (years P/K-3) :Lesson Plan
b. Driver Danger! (years 3-5) : Lesson Plan
c. Think Before You Drive (years 5-7) : Lesson Plan

7. Tsunami Warning : Introductory videoInfo Tsunami

a. Who Wants to be a Tsunami Expert? (years P/K-3) : Lesson Plan
b. Postcard (years 3-5) : Lesson Plan
c. Tsunami Challenge (years 5-7) : Lesson Plan

8. Staying Inside :  Introductory video

a. It’s Raining, It’s Pouring (years P/K-3) : Lesson Plan
b. That’s True! (yrs 3-5) :Lesson Plan
c. Get Your Facts Straight! (years 5-7) : Lesson Plan

9. Flash Floods:  Introductory video

a. In a Flash (years P/K-3) : Lesson Plan
b. Happy Campers (years 3-5) : Lesson Plan
c. Lucky Escape (years 5-7) :Lesson Plan

10. During a Storm:  Introductory videoInfo Lightning

a. Make a Spark (years P/K-3) : Lesson Plan
b. Make Lightning (years 3-5) :Lesson Plan
c. Stay Safe (years 5-7) : Lesson Plan